This wonderful couple was living a mark in their lives and Rome was the setting for that achievement. Two years of marriage and a new country to explore, hearts racing with news and several smiles on their faces. It was not difficult to photograph, the way they looked at each other and the lightness of the hugs jumped every second. We waited for the first rays of sunlight to touch the city of Rome to start our walk through the small streets and little by little we were discovering fabulous sposts, the Trevi Fountain is imperial as well as the certainty that they have for each other, the Collosseo, which used to be the place of wars, today it unites several nations in order to honor history. Enriching ourselves with the architectural beauties, we visited the Roman Forum and they danced without shyness. It is almost impossible to come to Italy and not leave rich, full of stories and with eyes jumping with emotion. The morning lights embraced us and allowed the experience to be unforgettable. Now I always want more experiences and smiles. I look forward to taking pictures, whether in the north, in the center or the south, Italy is so beautiful!

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